Monday, November 13, 2017

FWIW, My Choices in the NYTHA Election

I spent 14 years as a member of the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association (NYTHA) Board of Directors, before leaving in 2016. I was deeply involved in defending horsemen's purse accounts during the NYRA bankruptcy proceedings, in marshaling the evidence for our defense of Lasix -- at least until a better option is available -- and in restoring NYTHA's finances after previous administrations had left us near insolvency. I've also seen NYTHA Board members come and go, and so perhaps I have some perspective on those who are on the NYTHA ballot this time around.

As I noted in my last post, Rick Violette is retiring as NYTHA President, after 25 years on the Board, the last 10 of them as President. Running unopposed to be Rick's successor is Joe Applebaum, a principal in Off the Hook Racing, among other things. Joe has been on the Board the past three years, as an owner-director, and has been very involved a number of efforts, especially dealing with the Jockey Injury Compensation Fund and workers compensation issues generally. He's a good choice, though he faces a steep learning curve.

Seven candidates are running for the five trainer-director slots. Of the incumbents, I think Pat Kelly, Leah Gyarmati, Linda Rice and Rick Schosberg deserve re-election. Pat has for many years been a voice of calm and reason in resolving backstretch issues; Leah has been very helpful on backstretch welfare issues, especially BEST; Linda has effectively managed the scholarship program for the children of backstretch workers; and Rick has been instrumental in establishing and expanding NYTHA's thoroughbred retirement and retraining programs, along with NYTHA executive director Andy Belfiore.

For the remaining spot, I'm casting my vote for recent Breeders Cup winner John Kimmel, who brings a needed veterinarian's perspective to what will undoubtedly be contentious discussions on raceday medication. Nothing against Jimmy Ferraro or George Weaver, the other trainer-director candidates, but the five I prefer all have specific skills and experience that would be helpful to horsemen.

When it comes to owner-directors, there's a real contest. West Point Thoroughbreds' Terry Finley is running for an owner-director spot, as are three other candidates closely associated with Terry, as co-owners, business associates or West Point partners -- Andy Aaron, Tom Durkin and Bob Masiello. In my view, this represents a coordinated attempt by Terry to control the NYTHA Board and needs to be firmly resisted. Terry was a Board member until 2014, when he unsuccessfully ran for NYTHA President against Rick and cost the horsemen's association a quarter of a million dollars defending against his challenge to the election -- a challenge that was ultimately dismissed in the courts. I was a Board member back when Terry was also an owner-director, and, while he had a lot to say, there wasn't much follow-through. On issues he was supposedly concerned with -- updating the NYTHA website and modernizing our membership database, any progress that we've made came only after he'd left the Board. And, tellingly, he refused to share West Point's partner information with NYTHA, a step that would have made it easier to update the membership rolls. I was the other NYTHA owner-director representing a partnership, and I gave all my partner information to the NYTHA office.

Andy, Bob and, especially Tom Durkin, may sincerely believe they have something to contribute to NYTHA, but their close association with Terry, in my view, disqualifies them from consideration. For a less tactful view of the situation, see Indian Charlie's comments. It's not often I agree with staunch Republican Injun Chuck, but he's dead-on on this one.

So, who to vote for? Tina Bond and Jack Brothers are each finishing their first term on the Board. They're both well informed and, especially Tina, willing to educate the Board on matters that they know a lot about. I'm voting for them. I'm also voting for three new candidates that, to my knowledge, aren't associated with Terry Finley: Jim Caterbone, Kim Laudati, and Aron Yagoda. Jim Caterbone was previously a partner in my own Castle Village Farm and now runs horses in his own name, with trainer Gary Sciacca. Jim's a little rough around the edges, but would bring the needed perspective of a blue-collar owner to the Board. Kim is a former trainer who, like John Kimmel, would bring valuable hands-on experience. Aron, a scion of the Streit's matzo dynasty, knows a lot about doing business in New York's high-cost environment, whether that business is baking matzos on the lower east side or racing horses at Belmont and Saratoga. If it turns out that any of these folks are allied with Terry Finley, then I'd vote for long-time Board member Mike Shanley, who has good contacts in Albany, but has been, in my opinion, far too reticent in aggressively asserting horsemen's interests.

Good luck to all.